Montessori pedagogics and Montessori special pedagogics as the basis of inclusive education and upbringing


  • Joachim Dattke

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Montessori, pedagogy, Inclusion, education, upbringing


“In the general school policy and pedagogical debate, not only in Germany, one encounters very different views of how a practice can be designed in which all children can learn together. Integration (=>Accept as they are <or> integration <) is about accepting people with special needs into a group of people or a system of people without disabilities, or to incorporate individuals who were previously excluded; Inclusion (=> inclusion <or> containment <) is about being there from the beginning. Nobody has to be included in inclusion because nobody has been outsourced before. This notion of inclusion is not based on the division into disabled and non-disabled people, but the view that, despite all the differences between the individuals, a common participation in social life and thus in common teaching with and from each other is to be striven for from the beginning” (Hellbrügge 1977). For this reason, we work nationally and internationally for the common education and upbringing of all children. Some essential basics are described in the article.

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